What are PRE-ORDERS?

PRE-ORDERS are our online tailor-made service applied to the COUTURE and ATELIER collections.

PRE-ORDER orders are made exclusively for you individually with the selected size and equivalent to the measurements indicated in our SIZE GUIDE .
For PRE-ORDER orders by size, the shipping and delivery time is established in each model.

The acquisition of a PRE-ORDER dress gives you the possibility of having our exclusive Personal Shopper Online service. This personalized service also allows you to access changes and modifications, in colors, special measurements, lengths, sleeves and necklines, among others. All special changes and modifications requested in each case are guided by the experience of our creative department. Modifications and special changes may have extra charges or discounts.

If you want to apply changes to your choice, such as:

  • Make the short version of a long dress or vice versa.
  • Add or remove sleeve.
  • Increase or decrease the width of a neckline.
  • Add or remove embroidery.

Please consult our Personal Shopper Online to receive advice and a personalized budget that fits your needs.